Imran Khan’s Pakistan and its Strategic Relevance for the UK


Pakistan’s government has been in power for two years and, notwithstanding obstacles, has had several major foreign policy achievements on which the UK could capitalise. Nearly two years have passed since the election of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party into government. Perhaps the hallmark of Khan’s tenure has been a marked improvement in Pakistan’s global … Read more

UK and Bangladesh hold third Strategic Dialogue

UK and Bangladesh

The Strategic Dialogue was led by Bangladesh Foreign Secretary (Senior Secretary) Md. Shahidul Haque and British FCO Permanent Under-Secretary Sir Simon McDonald. Together, Sir Simon McDonald and Md. Shahidul Haque launched the Bangladesh-UK Strategic Dialogue in Dhaka in 2017. The Dialogue demonstrated the full depth of the Bangladesh-UK relationship and involved exchange of views on … Read more

Indian restaurant listed itself as 40 ‘virtual brands’ on Deliveroo and UberEats from its Reading kitchen


An Indian restaurant has defended operating 40 “virtual brands” on Deliveroo and UberEats from its single kitchen in Reading and said the move served only to trial new business options.  Madras Flavours, a new vegetarian restaurant in the town centre, was called “disingenuous at best” by locals in an article by the Reading Chronicle, which … Read more

Americans are consuming more foreign content than ever


Content from abroad is boosting its share of the American entertainment diet, thanks in large part to streaming, the pandemic and the creator economy. Why it matters:  “As ‘American exceptionalism’ has become less of a truth geopolitically, the same goes for entertainment,” says Brad Grossman, founder and CEO of ZEITGUIDE. Driving the news: The U.S. demand … Read more

Bangladesh to a food truck in Stonington, culinary journey continues with Mystic Royal Restaurant

Bangladesh to a food truck in

Mystic — The story of Mystic Royal Restaurant opening earlier this month is one that involves winning the visa lottery, a family history of cooking, a food truck, inspiration from Guy Fieri and Bobby Flay, and a lot of herbs. Stonington couple Sheuli and Abir Solaiman, who immigrated from Bangladesh to the United States more … Read more

U.S. Needs to Balance Dependency on India for IT Services

IT Services

As America looks for strategies to countervail today’s rapidly rising China, no nation is more important than India. Only India can match China’s vast population, low-cost labor availability, and deep base of world-class technical talent. The United States and India have strong political, cultural, and linguistic affinities, and both nations see China as a military … Read more